This is APRS Device use ESP32, it’s designed as a device that you can every day carry with week-charge, so other people can know my environment changed, and my location changed, and know my history track.


It’s planed Support environment sensors, GPS location, Real-time Network, and enough battery support. Under here is the todo list.


Plan Support List

Real-time Network

  • 4G网络模块: 4G network module

Environment Sensors

  • 温湿度传感器: Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • 风向角度传感器: Wind Direction Sensor
  • 风速传感器: Anemometer (Wind Speed Sensor)
  • 雨量传感器: Rain Gauge Sensor
  • 气压传感器: Barometric Pressure Sensor

GPS Location System

  • GPS定位模块: GPS module

Battery Support System

  • 电量供应系统: battery support system

Plastic Housing

  • 塑料外壳: Plastic Housing

WeChat Alarm System